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"Russian & Georgian Romantic Ballads" CD

Tamara Eristavi & Sandro Eristavi: Russian and Georgian Romantic Ballads

"Blue Sharp Minor" MP3 album

Sandro Eristavi: Blue Sharp Minor

"Stratocaster Carols" MP3 EP

Sandro Eristavi: Stratocaster Carols


My name is Sandro Eristavi

I'm a songwriter, singer, guitarist and percussionist. Writing and performing music has been my life long passion.

My main styles 

  • jazz
  • bossa nova
  • blues
  • and bluessanova


My mission 

  • to do what I love to do and what I'm good at - making music
  • to inspire the world with it
  • to make a living through it


This site is about my music, our duo with my sister Tamara, and various other music-related projects.